How to Study for the CDL Test

You can get a copy of the CDL Driver’s Test manual from the local office of the DMV or their website*.

*The exact name of the Department varies across states. In Minnesota, for instance, it is known as the Division of Driver and Vehicle Services.

There are basically several parts to the test. The first of these is the General CDL Knowledge Test.

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What comes after the General CDL Knowledge Test depends on the class of Commercial Driver’s License that you apply for. There are three classes, namely Class A, Class B and Class C. Class A is for heavy trucks, Class C for medium-sized trucks and buses, while Class C is for small trucks/buses.

If you are applying for a Class A CDL, additional tests that need to be cleared are the Combinations Knowledge Test and the Air Brakes Knowledge Test, apart from the mandatory Road Skills Test.

The Road Skills Test is an actual road test for which you must bring your own vehicle (it should belong to the class of vehicle for which you are applying).

If you are applying for a Class B CDL, you need to clear the Air Brakes Knowledge Test and the Road Skills Test.

If you are applying for a Class C CDL, you need to clear the Road Skills Test. Additionally, you also need to get an endorsement, and the test you have to pass is related to what kind of Class C vehicle you intend to drive.

Because a Class A Commercial Driver’s License enables you to drive a tractor-trailer, the Combinations Knowledge Test is about assessing whether you know how to hook up a trailer to a tractor, and safely. The Air Brakes Knowledge Test, which is common to Class B (since both classes of vehicles use air brakes) checks whether you know when and how to use the air brakes correctly.

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There are four endorsements for Class C vehicles.

The H-Endorsement is for operating vehicles that transport hazardous materials. You need to clear the Hazmat Knowledge Test to get your Class C Commercial Driver’s License. This is extremely important because you need to be transporting hazardous materials in the safest manner possible.

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The N-Endorsement is for driving tanker vehicles. For this, you need to clear the Tank Knowledge Test before you can be awarded your Commercial Driver’s License.

The P-Endorsement is for driving buses. What you need to clear are the Passenger Transport Knowledge Test and the Passenger Transport Road Skills Test.

Having an S-Endorsement on your Commercial Driver’s License allows you to drive school buses. But you need to clear the School Bus Knowledge Test before you can be granted your license.

What makes CDL Prep Center Different 

When you practice with CDL Prep Center, you get a feel of the actual CDL exam. The questions are taken from actual tests, and you will be able to learn the finer nuances of each test. The theoretical tests consist of multiple choice questions, but what if there are two choices that appear to have the same meaning or are equally probable?

For example, let us say you were faced with the question “What do you do when one of your dual brakes fail?” in the Air Brakes Knowledge Test. One choice is to drive the truck to a service center and get the malfunctioning brake fixed. Another choice is to stop and continue when the malfunctioning brake resumes working normally. Which do you choose? CDL practice tests will get you familiar with the types of questions that will be asked.

The actual tests are also timed, so practicing with CDL Prep Center should give you the confidence to succeed.