The Road to Your CDL

The world we live in could not exist without commercial trucking. Look around you, from the chair you’re sitting in, to the phone in your pocket, everything has spent time on a truck. Millions of products are shipped every day from manufactures to stores. Even your home has spent time on a truck. All of the lumber, fixtures, and appliances had to come from somewhere. Commercial truck drivers keep America moving.

According to a recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average commercial truck driver is 55 years old and the American Trucking Association estimates over 300,000 new truckers will be needed by 2020! As those drivers retire, the demand for new drivers will be higher than ever. Corporations are working hard to recruit new drivers and bringing higher salaries and signing bonuses to the table.

Your career opportunities are endless once you receive your CDL and there are lots of benefits to becoming a commercial truck driver. You have the opportunity to be your own boss and act as the owner/operator of your rig. You have the freedom to make your own schedule and the select the work you’re interested in. You can choose to be an over the road trucker meaning you drive from state to state and will spend several days or weeks on the road. This is a great opportunity to travel and see the county, all while you are being paid. You could also choose local driving and work a more normal shift or you can choose something different everyday with tools like

If a career as a commercial truck driver is something you’ve always wanted to do, now is the time to get started. Getting your learner’s permit is the first step. You can go to your local DMV and ask for a copy of the commercial drivers license manual. Once you’ve studied the manual and are feeling confident you can go back to the DMV to take the written general knowledge test. There are separate tests for each endorsement so it’s important to understand what endorsements you will need to drive the truck or bus. makes the studying part more manageable. Instead of reading through a large manual, you can click through easy to understand courses. We offer many practice tests so you can see how you’re doing and decide if you’re ready to take the real test.

Once you’ve passed the written test with a score of 80% or higher, you can schedule the road test. Some states have a mandatory waiting period before you are eligible to take your road test. Your state’s drivers manual will provide more information. You can practice driving a truck and the pre-trip inspection at a commercial truck driving school. They will even be able to provide you with a truck to take your test in. The road tests generally consists of a pre-trip inspection, basic skills, and maneuverability. Assuming you’ve passed the road test, you will need to take all your “pass” documents to the DMV and they will either issue you a CDL the same day or in the mail.